A Soldier's Thoughts

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A Soldier's Thoughts

The Days were cold
And still they sought,
Their strength grew dim
And still they fought.

As they went on
Controlling their pain,
No pleasure in death
Had anyone gained.

As twilight fell
And the sky grew dark,
In the shadows the enemy
Was sure to see sharp.

The night seemed long
As they sat and wait,
They waited with patience,
Feeling like bait.

But, one soldier knew
On that cold darkened night,
His Angel was near
And would help him fight.

And so through the night
As the enemy grew near,
With a prayer from his heart
God loosened his fear.

Then aloud came a shout
From the ones they had sought,
And with God won their victories,
As each Soldier fought.

Donna Sue Fite 1997
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