A Tiny Moon Beam

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A Tiny Moon Beam

She sat all alone,
On one dark and lonely night,
Her tears formed a river,
And blurred the city lights.

She cried and she cried,
And she asked God why?!
And she cried and she waited,
But she heard no reply.

Finally she'd had enough.
It all had to end.
And she stood up,
And ran into the wind.

All the confusion and depression
She'd been feeling inside,
She couldn't take it anymore!
It was eating her alive.

She ran and ran and ran some more
She couldn't, wouldn't slow down.
Her heart was beating fast, running out of breath,
Then all at once she fell to the ground.

She lifted herself up,
Still sitting in the dirt.
She saw a tall building in front of her,
And thought "I have to stop this hurt.".

So she ran inside,
And to a side door,
Up the stairs,
To the top floor.

As she slowly walked to the edge,
And looked up at the moon.
She cried a few more tears,
And knew her soul would be eternally doomed.

Then a tiny moon beam broke through the clouds,
And shone on those last few tears.
As she stepped up on the ledge.
And faced all her fears.

"I know where I'll go,
But, do I really care?
The way I'm feeling now,
It can't be much worse than here."

And with those final thoughts,
She took that fatal step.
Little did she know.
With her, Christ also wept.

Then as she fell,
She had a glimpse into the past.
Her whole life passed before her,
But she knew it wouldn't last.

Before she knew it,
The ground was right there,
Then she kept falling,
There was darkness everywhere.

She keeps falling in the darkness
She knows she's the only one to blame.
Then she hears the horrifying screams,
And she falls into the flames.

"Oh, God! Forgive me!
What have I done?
I knew what would happen,
And still Satan won.".

As she lay in the fire,
Screaming her sorrows,
She knew deep inside,
There are no tomorrow's.

In this agonizing place,
Forever she would stay.
Every moment always thinking
Of how she threw her life away.

She cried out to God,
"For me it's to late.
But, Lord please,
Don't let others follow my mistake.".

Then with tears still flowing
Covering her cheek,
She closed her eyes,
And felt a heart beat.

She opened her eyes,
And what did she see?
To her wonderful surprise,
It was that little moon beam.

Her eyes filled once again,
With many, many tears,
But, these were tears of joy,
There was no more fear.

She cried, "Thank you Lord!
This time I'll do what's right.
Guide me where I need to be,
To show others your light.".

Donna Sue Fite
September 17, 1999

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