Beautiful Heavens

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Beautiful Heavens

Have you ever noticed the heavens?
How beautiful they are.
I don't mean just a glimpse,
I mean studied them from afar.

The way each thing is special,
They each have their own glow.
Some lights just keep twinkling,
and some lights just glow and glow.

The way it seems you can see forever,
The universe never stops.
Just staring up is like magic,
In the mystery you get caught.

There's times I feel so wonderful,
I try to reach up and touch the stars.
For a moment I think I will,
Then I realize I'm reaching for Mars.

It's so amazing to look up,
To see all the wonders.
The Stars, Planets, Moons, Comets,
Constellations and Clusters.

To think that what looks like a fine dust in the sky,
Is really billions and billions of these.
Just makes it so amazing,
That God finds so much time for me.

Donna Sue Fite 1997
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