City In The Rock

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City In The Rock



Darkness filled the room,

I lowered my head in shame.

they say it's not my fault,

And yet, I feel I'm to blame.


I feel the pain and sorrow,

As I see the gloom.

There seems to be no hope,

In the World's day of doom.


I'm just one man,

What could I have done?

We were all looking for something,

But now, it seems, he's won.


We should have listened.

They tried to warn.

Two thousand years ago,

The son was already born.


I know it's not too late,

To turn back to the light.

Surely he will help us now,

In all his glory and might.


For so long we have been hiding,

In this city in the rock.

With only one way out,

Which God himself did lock.


Why was I such a fool?!

I wanted desperately to believe.

This man said peace,

Now it's death that he leads.


I should have seen it coming.

It's so clear to me now.

Then he built his statue,

And commanded us to bow.


Then I knew for sure,

This man is a fraud!

How could I be so blind,

As to think he was sent by God.


But wait one moment,

What is this I see?

A light shining down from heaven,

It's shining down on me.


I hear a voice,

Like a thunderous roar.

It's the holy one,

It's our Lord.


He's come to save us,

Once again.

And I know,

Darkness can not win.


The Beast is dead!

The light has won!

And our new life

Has only begun.


A thousand years of peace and love,

This is what is given.

Then a new heaven and earth,

For his faithful ones to live in.


Oh, let me be yours Lord,

I ask you to forgive,

For all my sins and doubts,

I ask you, let me live.


From this day forth,

For all eternity,

I shall shout his praises,

And how he set me free.


Donna Sue Fite

January 30, 1999
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