Her True Love

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Her True Love

I went for a swim,
Then a walk on the beach,
On that one special night,
Not knowing who I would meet.

It was then I asked God,
"When shall it be?
I know you have someone special,
But, when will we meet?"

Then it's like He spoke to me,
And said, "My darling child,
I have my perfect time,
Just be patient a short while."

And so I walked,
And thought some more,
As I picked up starfish
Off the shore.

Then I said, "I'll wait dear Lord,
You always know what's best."
He said, "I'm glad my child,
Now let me put your thoughts to rest."

Then I saw him standing there
Looking at the stars,
As if deep in thought,
His mind wandering far.

So, I walked up closer,
And then he glanced my way,
When both our eyes did meet,
Neither could turn away.

And on through the night,
Together we walked,
Chasing the waves,
And sharing our thoughts.

And over and over,
I thank God above,
For on that very special night,
I found my one true Love.

Donna Sue Fite 1997
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