I'll Miss You

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I'll Miss You In
Memory of Annie

I'll miss walking in the door
And seeing your smile,
As you turned and looked at me,
Walking down the aisle.

I'll miss the way you opened your arms
And you would hug me like it was the last time,
Little did I know then,
that one day, It would be the last time your arms would be in mine.

I'll miss the way you laugh,
The way you would brighten up the room.
It was always so refreshing,
Like a flower in first bloom.

I'll miss the way you sing,
It was beautiful just to hear it.
God blessed you with such a gift,
Just listening would lift anyone's spirit.

I'll miss the way you talk,
I'll miss the way you shine,
I'll miss the talks we've had,
I'll miss them more with time.

I'll miss the times we've had together,
I only wish we'd had longer.
Now I can only pray,
Somehow we'll be stronger.

I'll miss all these things,
And so much more it's true.
But, most of all,
My dear friend, I'll miss you.

In Memory of Annie Harrison
July 11, 1983 - July 25, 2000

Donna Sue Fite
Thursday, July 27, 2000

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