The Fountain of Many Rainbows

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The Fountain of Many Rainbows


Somewhere in this world,

There is a fountain of many rainbows.

You can see it in the night,

Oh, how beautiful it glows.


Each rainbow has a different meaning,

Special in it's own way.

It's always flowing strongly,

Every night and day.


This is not just any fountain,

And not ordinary rainbows.

This is a very special place,

A special place to go.


There's a rainbow of Love,

The kind of love everyone needs.

A rainbow for Peace,

To calm us when we have our pleads.


For Kindness,

That helping hand that always seems to find us,

To cheer us up, and set us straight,

When sadness tries to fight us.


For Victory,

To overcome our sorrows,

To defeat our wrongs,

And brighten our tomorrows.


And for Joy,

The way laughter strikes,

When things go wrong,

And gives us strength to fight.


In many combinations,

These rainbows work together.

To make darkness turn to light,

And change our world forever.


The fountain of many rainbows,

Isn't hard to find.

Because it flows in all of us,

And flies from your heart to mine.


Donna Sue Fite

January 3-5, 1998
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