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I lie awake at night,
Drowning in my own tears.
Darkness all around me,
Pain, sorrows, and fears.

I couldn't fall asleep,
Everything seemed to hurt.
The more I pondered on these thoughts,
The more I felt like dirt.

I thought, "Why am I like this?
I can't understand!
All was going good,
Now I don't have strength to stand.

"Dear Lord!" I cried out,
"Please, I need you.
Can't you see me bleeding inside?
Where are you Lord, Where are you?"

Then He said,
"Dear child of mine,
I said I would never leave you,
I have been here all the time."

I've felt your pain,
I've seen each tear,
When sorrow hit you,
I've been here."

"Right beside you,
Helping you be strong,
You've been tested and tried,
I know the road's been long."

"Just hold on a little while longer,
We are almost to the end.
Soon you'll be coming home,
Victory to win."

"I'll give you your robe of pure white,
And forever it will be,
You and I together,
Happy eternally."

"But, for now my child,
You must rest.
Tomorrow someone needs you,
You must feel your best."

"So, forget about your problems,
There's more important things to do.
Hand them over to me,
And I'll take care of you."

So, I gave him my worries,
Then I felt a peace.
As I closed my eyes and thanked Him,
Then fell fast asleep.

The next day,
As I was going on my way,
I remembered what God said,
Someone would need me today.

Later I saw a friend,
Who looked as if she needed help.
I could tell from the look on her face,
I knew just how she felt.

So, I stopped,
We talked a while,
She said she had so many problems,
The list would be as long as a mile.

I said,"Don't worry,
God is always with you.
Turn your problems over to Him,
He will take care of you."

So, remember when you're hurting,
God is always there.
Turn your problems over to Him,
He'll help you, don't despair.

We are all being tested and tried,
For our beautiful robes of white,
Soon we'll be together with Him,
Happy forever in the light.

Donna Sue Fite
March 9, 1999

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