Under The Rainbow
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Under The Rainbow
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Under The Rainbow

I remember as a child,

The Things I used to do,

The fun I always had,

The same, I'm sure, with you.


And now that I'm older,

I watch children play,

As I sit on my porch,

And remember the days;


Chasing the rainbows,

Climbing on trees,

Running Through meadows,

Jumping in leaves,


Swinging in sunshine,

Dancing in rain,

Pretending a big box,

Was really a plane,


Chasing my shadow,

Watching the clouds,

Searching for gold,

Under the rainbow.


I searched for years,

And always wondered,

If I would ever find it,

After the rain and thunder.


As soon as it stopped,

I'd head out and search,

But then the rainbow would disappear,

And I always came back to my porch.


And after all these years,

I finally found the gold,

I found that the real treasure,

Is God within our souls.


The real pot of gold,

Is His love we share,

The friends we have,

The Joys that we share.


And as I watch the children play,

I wonder if they know,

That the life God gave us,

Is that pot of gold, under the rainbow.

Donna Sue Fite 1998
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